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Stick Defense

 One of the most effective close quarter weapons for defense is the short stick.  It has many names such as the short stick, sap, and kubaton.  The example of self defense from ancient times has been proven to be one of the most effective weapons of impact in history.
How effective is a short baton?  First, let's look at its popularity.  The baton has been featured in many movies as a rod of authority for pharaohs and kings.  In addition, it has been used in super hero movies such as Dare Devil, Night Wing, and others.  It has been displayed in works of art such Thesus, who defeated the Minotuar, in history's example of a Greek champion defeating a Persian guard.  
Alexander the Great’s guard was defeated by a Greek champion with a club.  In modern history, the club proved to be the main weapon for security when patrolling the streets, now we use police officers. All officers had clubs before they carried guns, tasers, and even canisters of pepper sprays.  Most batons today have been improvised into what is known as ASP batons, PR-24'S, Manodocks, The Straight Baton, and The Light Stick.
How effective is the baton today against other weapons?  According to Hertao, self- defense Ancient Egyptian Stick fighting was probably based on actual fighting systems used in combat with a shield and a sword; thus evolving into a system with its own rules and methods. Several assumptions had to be made in order to understand stick fighting of the ancient Egyptians.
Lack of Impact
I know a number of people who have been stabbed or slashed with a knife.  Not a single one of them even knew they were being attacked.  They didn't feel it. I know others who have been hit with sticks, including myself, and felt it. Getting hit with blunt objects hurts! Not only does it hurt, but it can break bones. A good shot with a stick to the hand, knee, or shin can incapacitate someone without doing extreme damage.
If necessary, a blunt object can also be used to cause greater damage. The same is not true of a knife.   One good crack in the shin with a stick or expandable baton can drop a person instantly.
In a knife vs. knife encounter, even if you 'win, you're likely to take serious damage. In a stick vs. knife encounter, with proper footwork, the stick wielder has a much greater chance of evading and taking out the person with the knife with little or no damage to themselves.
(The same cannot be said of a machete or sword. Of course a machete vs. a knife is altogether different. However, very few people are willing to carry a machete for self defense! An expandable baton can be carried almost as easily as a knife and can function as a 'stick', or long blunt weapon.)

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Comments RSS on Saturday, July 15, 2017 6:11 AM
There are many fighting movies which have been released. It seems that actors played their role very well and they can use different tools for fighting. These tools are perfectly designed. Mostly people like to watch fighting movies in their spare time and enjoy as well.
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