What is Pan Kau Rau Shen Article #2.
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What is Pan Kau Rau Shen Article #2.

Article #2
What is Pan Kau Rau Shen?
Traced back to the ancient Kushite (Ethiopian) martial art of Pan Kau Rau Shen ( Fighting with the Spirit of Ra -The Egyptian god) this is where Pankration comes from.

To utilize your body fully as a weapon,take advantage of your bodily attributes and full range of motion. Also, to use what works, be it orthodox or unorthodox.- AATU'S American MA Masters -Roger Eveyln.

( * Note: This pic above shows blocking, striking, and grappling)

The first historical records dealing with organized unarmed fighting skills originate in ancient Egypt, and represent a crude type of Temple boxing. Inner and Outer You-Blog.

Pan ( All) Kau ( Spiritual) Rau (Powers) Shen (encompassing) or Pankrashen is an ancient form of Afrikan Kushite combat science system brought to Egypt. It was used by military warriors for the battlefield. This unique concept is made for your own battlefield and every person situation is not the same. Our system is very different and covers practical use of force options for a threat level encounters.
Pan -Ka- (Kau)- Rau-Shen is a researched concept of strategies and combat tactics from Kemet ( ancient Egypt) Pan kau Rau Shen is Kametic means " defeating your enemies with the force of RA". A Kushite Martial art. A form of it survives in Greece to this day called Pankration. Shades of Memnon. Page (25) Ra Force Rising P 200. In the Shades of Memnon, Kushite Keftuan warriors used all power skills on the battlefield.

The Nubians were famous for boxing, wrestling, stick fighting and archery. The Greeks learned these skills from the ancient Egyptian and Nubian warriors.  They refined these skills through martial sports called Pankrashan, which is Pan Kau Ra/Rau Shen - all encompassing spirit force of Ra. The Nubians served as warriors in the armies of Egypt, Assyria, Greece, Rome. Nubian archers also served as warriors in the imperial army of Persia in the first millennium BC. According to 2 Samuel 18 and 2 Chronicles 14, they also fought on behalf of Israel. Alice Linsley

The first Europeans to encounter the Africans and learned the system from the Kushites and brought it back to Greece and renamed the Pankration (all force, all powers), and they took with them Kemet’s and Kush’s deities and renamed them Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, Apollo, Dionysus, Aphrodite etc. So Pan Kau Ra Shen is the actual original Mixed Martial Art and the Kushites are the forefathers of MMA.nathan Bynoe.


Kemetic Boxing 

Some ancient Egyptian scenes of boxing as a game were found in the tomb of "Mery Ra" in the Minia Governorate and in the "Ptah Hotep" tomb in Saqqara. In this picture, a player is depicted in a position ready to direct his blows with his fist to another player, who in turn, tries to repel these blows. Pharaohs and princes watched the boxing match, which indicates that it was an organized contest.

  Stand up Grappling
Boxing and Wrestling. Pharaohs and princes enjoyed watching boxing matches and wrestling contests. Wrestling was also used to train army recruits and was pictured in tombs at Beni Hasan. Author: Beketaten sat Amenhotep
" The Nuba of Sudan, Africa practiced a form of martial arts wrestling over 2,800 years before Christ. There are no other records in any corner of the world that can claim such a long, and unbroken martial arts tradition. 
The writings are on the walls of the pyramids. In the book "The Origin book of Karate it states and was said by Omas Oyams". The oldest recording we have concerns unarmed combat on hieroglyphics from the Egyptian pyramids. Master Mas Oyama mentions the location as "Bein" Hasan. This is the true art of warfare system. This system given to the soldiers of the army that used this system on the battlefield.

In the Shades of Memnon book 2, the Keftui warriors ( Keff -too-ee) Kamitic -the Island nation of ancient Crete in the Mediterrannean) " Besides my own brethren and the Pan Kau Rau Shen warriors of Kefui, these men were the most astonishing fighters I had ever seen.

They too moved in uncommon unison, while supeb swordplasy, meshed with a bit of Pan Kau Rau Shen, made their defenses nearly impenetrable". I wondered though, were they had acquired the knowledge, as I had been told Pan Kau Rau S3hen was a Kushite art." P. 162. Pan Kau Rau Shen is Kemetic spelled in English meaning "all powers" or "defeating your enemies with the force of Ra". Pankration is Greek meaning "All Powers".

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