What is Pan Kau Rau Shen? Article#1
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What is Pan Kau Rau Shen? Article#1

Article #1
What is Pan Kau Rau Shen?
Traced back to the ancient Kushite (Ethiopian) martial art of Pan Kau Rau Shen ( Fighting with the Spirit of Ra -The Egyptian god) this is where Pankration comes from.

To utilize your body fully as a weapon,take advantage of your bodily attributes and full range of motion. Also, to use what works, be it orthodox or unorthodox.- AATU'S American MA Masters -Roger Eveyln.

( * Note: This pic above shows blocking, striking, and grappling)

Pan ( All) Kau ( Spiritual) Rau (Powers) Shen (encompassing) or Pankrashen is an ancient form of Afrikan Kushite combat science system brought to Egypt. It was used by military warriors for the battlefield. This unique concept is made for your own battlefield and every person situation is not the same. Our system is very different and covers practical use of force options for a threat level encounters.
Pan -Ka- (Kau)- Rau-Shen is a researched concept of strategies and combat tactics from Kemet ( ancient Egypt) Pan kau Rau Shen is Kametic means " defeating your enemies with the force of RA". A Kushite Martial art. A form of it survives in Greece to this day called Pankration. Shades of Memnon. Page (25) Ra Force Rising P 200.

Pan Kau Rau Shen is a study of weapons and tactics for survival. Our unique concept uses African roots of Kemet history with modern day technology.The goal of Pan Kau Rau Shen is, to release minimum energy of force for maximum force (kinetic energy) with control.

In the book series Shades of Memnon by Brother G ( Greggory Walker), Pan Kau Rau Shen is referenced 8 times. The fighting system is like what is depicted above. It states on page  56 "Suddenly one exploded  with a quick and brutal kick, the other fighter dodged swiftly, feet and arms flying in a barrage of blows and counter blows. Neither man could land a solid blow due to the excellence of their blocks and counter strikes, so they seized each other and began to grapple". P57.

Pan Kau Rau Shen is Kamitic (Kemetic) spelled in English to translate " defeating your enemies with the force of Ra. In the book Shades of Memnon, Ra is defined as The deity representing great power, the creative life force emanating from the creator god Amen. Misinterpreted as the "Sun god" because the Kamitians often used the sun as Ra's symbol. (what this refers to the rays or energy of the sun).

Kamitic ( Kamatic) Pan Kau Rau Shen is a Montu art. Before Martial arts of Rome there was the Montu arts of Kemet. Warriors on the battlefield used (all powers) of combat skills  against their enemies.

This unique fighting system developed men into human weapons. Everything else was a tool. "Amen-Hotep II ' When his majesty appeared in his chariot like Montu with all his power, he reached for his bow and grabbed four arrows with one hand". " He speeded his chariot shooting at the targets, like Montu the god".

In the Shades of Memnon book I, The Montu arts are revealed in training. There had been many mornings Teta ( A Body guard of his mother Mut) and I would secretly teach me the arts of war ( Montu Arts). I used those skills now and waded in upon surprised warriors. As Teta had often instructed, I took advantage of my height swining down upon them at angles they found hard to block. P 57.

It’s not until the 1970’s that Jim Arvanitis revived the ancient Greek Martial Art back. Jim is still alive and teaches students Pankration. Pankration is a derivative of the Kushite art of Pan Kau Ra Shen – fighting in the honour of Ra. Ra is one of Kemet’s Gods.

Pan Kau Rau Shen, The Original Pakration: The oldest European Martial Art originated in Greece it is called Pankration. Greek for All Force, All Powers. In Latin (Rome) it’s called Pancratium. The Greeks re-named this art as the game of the Gods. It’s a Martial Art that has strikes, kicks and grappling techniques.

Pankration is not only a sport which was introduced into the Greek Olympic games in c.648 BCE it was battlefield tested by the legendary Spartan warriors while they fought the King Xerxes’ vast Persian Army at the battle of Thermopalye in the 400’s BCE.

In Greek myth Haracles (Hercules by the Romans) was the founder of Pankration where he fought a Lion in one of his 12 labours. There’s also Theseus he used Pankration to slay the Minotaur in the Labyrinth.

Pankration was a popular sporting event right through the time of the Roman Empire of their violent gladiatorial bouts in the Coliseum up until the collapse of the Roman Empire ushering in the dark ages, where the art was extinct.

So spirituality and philosophy have always played a part in the Martial Arts in all civilizations not just in Asia. Martial Art means Roman God of War Mars, he wasn’t worshipped anywhere in India, but in Ancient Rome. In Kemet the ancients called it the Montu Art Form. Montu was Kemet’s God of War.

The Greeks who were mentored by the African people in all aspects of education took the name Montu and have their own family tree of Gods, and we have Ares the Greek god of War. Then the Roman Empire came into being and overthrew the Macedonian/Greek Empire and adopted Greek’s Pantheon of Gods and changed most of the names, calling their War god Mars, thus you have the current name Martial Art. You cannot deny that Martial Arts is based on war, and it then evolved into a sport, and civilian self-defense system. It encompasses everything.

More to Come........


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replique montre on Saturday, April 23, 2016 1:07 AM
Our unique concept uses African roots of Kemet history with modern day technology.
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Troy James on Thursday, June 02, 2016 9:43 AM
wow ,i never heard of this love more info.....
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