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Kemetic ( Egyptian ) Self Defense for the Street

Pan Kau Rau Shen is a modernized montu art form for street fighting. The name is Kemetic written in English translated ( All Powers) or ( Defeating your enemies with the force of Ra). This unique system brings knowledge from the ancients to the modern times when it comes to personal safety and self defense.

So Pan Kau Ra Shen is the actual original Mixed Martial Art and the Kushites are the forefathers of MMA. -Jonathan Bynoe.

The Kemetans (Egyptians) used many forms of what today called martial arts, which consist of three levels, spiritual, mental, and physical. The definition of "Martial" means-Roman god of war. The Kemetans (Egyptian's) call this system Montu, which is an African defense system. Eddie Nascimento

Montu Art form encompassed all forms and levels of self-defense from, the spiritual, mental, down to the physical such as using the fist, chops, flips, throws, takedowns, grappling, ground fighting, joint locks, choke holds, sticks, weapons. Many masters studied in the Kemetian (Egyptian) universities and temples. Eddie Nascimento
In the Shades of Memnon book series, this unique forminable fighting system was seen as a combat sport before king Minos of Crete and as a Montu art form on the battlefield. In the ancient times, street brawls( even In Thebes, Memphis, etc) was nothing new and in the book series a fight took many forms and was successful in every encounter. As it was then so it is today, they still exist.

The goal of Pan Kau Rua Shen is to save you life by applying strategies and combat tactics for conflict resolution. To be effective in encounters, our system provides the serious nasty business of hard core battlefield methods based on instinct.

The goal is not to show you how to engage in an uncontrolled brawl but to teach you dozens of tactical means to end an altercation quickly.Whether the fight is stand up or on the ground, whether your assailant is armed or unarmed, whether you are facing one or more opponents, Pan Kau Rau Shen will show you how to handle all stages of a violent encounter with streetwise strategies, vicious techniques, and the warrior spirit of the ancient Egyptians.

>Mindset for Combat: The Mental Ability to Fight is a concept that uses tactical thinking to solve a physical problem. Critical and creative thinking to be effective in making a good decision is key. Three main area(s) to use methods of thinking for Combat are: A. Master Your Thoughts. B. Think it Through. C. Mindset for Progress. The Pyramid areas of personal

> Close Quarter Combat: The result of physical responses to threat level re-actions. Active counter methods to effectively neutralize threats is the overall objective. The three areas of combat are: A. Read the information (behavioral communication)B. Respond by reducing risk of injury to self and another. C. Get a result in neutralizing increased levels threat of additional attack.

>Baton & Pepper Spray: Non and less than lethal tools for threat level attacks. In a real life threat situation, 70% of situations are non or less than lethal situations that escalates. The goal in how to reduce escalating threats is to apply very practical, effective, and easy to use tools for combat. Master the simple for solution before escalating to severe is the goal.

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Pan Kau Rau Shen is a modernized montu art form for street fighting.
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EssayMama on Sunday, October 01, 2017 10:55 AM
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