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Pan Kau Rau Shen:

Two combatant military soldiers training in the Pan Kau Rau Shen in Kemet (ancient Egypt).

Focus:  Blocking, Striking, and Grappling
Olympic Sport: No
County of Origin: ancient Egypt-Nile Valley

Creator: Engineered by the Kushite people, inspired by Brother G( Gregory Walker), and codified by modern day Montu Artist, Teanis Tillmon.

 Parenthood: Military Tactics, Free Fighting (Hand to hand) combat, Wrestling, Weapon ( Sticks, Knife, ( Hybrid Fighting )
 Pan Kau Rau Shen: A concept of strategies and combat tactics of Kemet ( or Native for ancient Egypt). The word 'Pan Kau Rau Shen is linguistic translated "All Powers" or "To defeat your enemies with the force of Ra" . The force of RA translate the rays 'kinetic energy' that is released through a vary of  ways such as: blocking, striking, or grappling one's opponent.

 Etymology: The name Pan Kau Rau Shen is Kemetic ( ancient Egyptian) that can be translated as ' all force of powers '. The root word is ' Pan =All', Kau 'Force' , Rau ' Powers' , and Shen 'Encompassing'. The word means 'Total Combat'.

 Basic History: Pan Kau Rau Shen is a Kemetic ( ancient Egyptian) mindset of combat that uses active counter measures for subject control. The objective is to neutralize threat levels of aggression quickly, effectively and efficiently. The principles that are applied can be coupled with tools such as stick, knife, etc. It is said that the Kushite people were the forefathers of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

 Engendered by the Kushite people, its history goes back thousands of years to Nubia (Ta-Seti Kemetic for place of the Bow).Armed with bows and arrows, Nubian soldiers from Ta-Seti, the Land of the Bow, are shown marching to war. This wooden model from about 2040 B.C., was found in a tomb in Assiut, Egypt. Hunters using bows and arrows appear in Nubian rock art as early as the Neolithic period and some of Nubia‚Äôs most important trade products, like animal skins and ivory, came from the hunt.

Inspired by Brother G ( Gregory Walker ), research on the Kushite arts (Nubian fore fathers of MMA (mixed martial arts), boxing, wrestling, and stick fighting. These unique combat skills found its way into the Shades of Memnon series as Pan Kau Rau Shen (All Powers) or ( Defeating your enemies with the force of RA).

Teanis Tillmon, a researcher on Kushite history on combat skills and street survival tactics looked deep into the Ta-Set ( Nubian ) combat arts in the areas of wrestling, boxing, stick and knife fighting and codifed Pan Kau Rau Shen into all encompassing fighting system for the street.

   Modern Pan Kau Rau Shen:  Basic Principles: Six Secrets of Street Survival

  Six Secrets of Street Survival uses principles for personal protection. Self defense has in its arsenal two main components: 1. Personal Safety 2. Combat tactics 
  * Detect- Be Aware of Yourself ( Tactical ' Cognitive' thinking to threats)

  *  Discern- Pay Attention to Detail ( Observation of one' s Opposition )

 *  Defend- There is NO honor in an attack ( action is faster than re-action )

 *  Disrupt- Create Diversions ( Distraction window options of opportunity )

 *  Diffuse - Neutralize threats ( De-Escalation Conflict -Resolution Reponses )

 *  Detect- Asses  Your 360 ( Self, Targets  , or Additional Threats )

   Concepts' Orthodox and un orthodox combat: ( Disable Defenses )

 > Orthodox combat: Traditional fighting ' non lethal' applications to decrease any type of threat aggression or attack approach. This means very short tactical pain compliance to confrontal conflict. This includes: blunt force trauma, pain compliance, and even tools like pepper spray.

 > Un Orthodox combat: Dirty fighting ( less than lethal or lethal) applications. This can include: forms of disfiguring, limb destruction, dislocating, and blunt force trauma. The goal is to neutralize threats where options are few.

 Pan Kau Rau Shen Ethics of Combat is broken down into 3 distinct phases:

 1. Non lethal: Mindset of Combat. This is the know how on applying the SDR ' Spontaneous Defense Response' to corrective postures, basic blunt force strikes, and pain compliance to decrease threat from increasing at its early stages. Hot hard, fast and fierce to reduce risk of threats or aggression.

 2. Less than lethal: Attacks that continue to increase without stopping may need additional increase in the use of force. This can include harder blunt force direct, dislocating, or disfiguring. Decreasing threat is to deal with the aggression of attacks.

 3. Lethal force: When there is no other option in decreasing, reducing, or the attacker stopping. The only other alternative is to use deadly force. Applications of any un orthodox methods maybe applied. Anything to survive the fight. Self defense is not personal, its taking care of business. Serious business.

  Pan Kau Rau Shen Techniques

  Kemetic Stand up Combat:

> Blocking : re-directing or repelling blows from frontal attack.  Spontaneous Defense Response uses applies a vary of deflecting, stop hits, and  parrying to situations. The sucker punch science is viewed as pre-emptive attacks. To be prepared for these types  
of encounters is key to reduces injury by mental ability to control aggression. 

> Strikes: Tactical limb destruction focuses on attacking vital areas of the body. Such as soft areas, eyes, etc. The goal is to use the bone to strike again some soft boney part to create pain. Pan Kau Rau Shen uses a vary of human weapons of strikes in combinations.

> Grappling: Sets up the opponent to take to the ground. Shoulder, wrist, and joint locks pins, and chokes on the ground. The goal is to defuse the situation before it es calastes and this followed up by take downs or throws, taking full advantage of the opponent  off balance and reducing the threat to the ground.

  Kemetic Ground Combat:

> Ground mounts: Strategic positioning while on the ground. The objective is learning how not to panic. Corrective positioning to put oneself into a area to counter attack. This may be in striking or tactical maneuvering to be on the top mount to ground and pound, etc.

> Pinning Positions : Holding the opponent by applying pressure and to use blunt force trauma or pressure locks to control the subject. Kneeing the threat on side of the rib area, chest, or back immobilizes the subject for direct attacks (pressure points, eye gouge, etc. 
> Grapple to Fight: Being on the ground does not mean one stays there. Being comfortable and knowing the body in battle mode is the key. Not worrying or fearing that one is in a vunerable position. Parrying, striking, locking, or chokes can be applied in a lower area to the ground and create a widow to get back up one's feet.

Training: Pan Kau Rau Shen does not have any belts. The system a G for (Grade Level). The student learns the 18 laws ( Learn And Apply Wisdom Skills) for the street. The skills focus not only on hand to hand skills but hand to weapon ethics of combat, and how to develop character.

  Pan Kau Rau Shen for Civilians

There are 6 levels. Each level uses 3 marks ( or Laws ) that they must learn and apply. G-0 means a person is a novice (beginner) and work there way up. Once he/she hits G-1 they can perform light sparring, weapon practices, and drills on how to deal with conflict.

In the SDR organization, 

 G-1 is ( slow to light sparring) in learning control and to develop  dexterity, reflexes, and get results.  G-2 level which takes approximately 2 to 4 years.  The reason for this is, climbing from one level to the next in practicing the Pan Kau Rau Shen concept, the student graduates levels minimum a 1/2  year or so based on how skills have been developed.

 G-2. is a higher level of knowledge and training. The objective is to develop character and combat skills as one. SDR does not give away any rank or levels. It must be earned through education and ethic.  G-2 will simulate real training. This is done through "role play"  and "drills'. The student will practice stand up- ground fighting with weapons,

 G-3 are very serious Pan Kau Rau Shen students who want to take there training to the next level of knowledge. 9 areas of laws(Learn And Apply Wisdom Skills) would have been laid. This level the student will train in not only the skills obtained but, increase training in on how to think through a situation and use what is called the Rau 'power' of the mind.

 G-4 ( Basic Instructor level). This is the level on of one who can be entrusted to teach the students below them. The instruction will be passed from student ( teacher) to those are learning and growing. All tests will be provided to move from one level of knowledge to the next.

  G-5 ( Instructor-Trainer ). Pan Kau Rau Shen practitioners can teach those below them in the areas of knowledge to teach the Kemetic Arts. The purpose is not only to build trust but, to pass on the teaching through others.

  G-6 ( Master Instructor). The top level instructor who can teach, train, and move forward ( own school) or teach the curriculum  of the Pan Kau Rau Shen. This means the student has learned the basics of all 18 laws ( Learn and apply wisdom skills). It encompasses the areas of character and ethics of combat.

 Pan Kau Rau Shen: The Full Contact Combat Sport:

In the Shades of Memnon book series (#2) Ra Force Rising, two Kushite combatants practiced the sport version in front of King Minos of Crete. They were called the 'Elite Warriors of the Pan Kau Rau Shen."  In the book series, the techniques and tactics that were used was more of a ' Muay Thai' like combat. The term ' Smashing' foot, punches, and stand up wrestling was scene.

 In book three, Mem na un and the Medjay warriors were captured by Alantian warrior women and worked in the mine caves. a series of wrestling contests took place with the Medjay for sport. The wrestling aspect of Pan Kau Rau Shen sport was displayed in the third book. In the book series 2 and 3 ; there were no amour, weapons, or military style training. Only the attributes of boxing and wrestling was displayed in full contact.

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    Two combatants competing in the Pan Kau Rau Shen in Kemet.
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