Shades of a Panther: African Centered Egyptology
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Shades of a Panther: African Centered Egyptology
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Shades of a Panther: African Centered Egyptology

Shades of a Panther is not only a study but a story of African Centered Egyptology and how it has passed through to the new world we call America. Pan Kau Rau Shen is a Montw (u) art of the Panther. This is a over view of the great cats and its influence into the arts as we known them today. 

SDR goal is to teach and train in the mindset of Montu through these great cats. Our science and system of warriorism will continue to develop. But, as for now the ' Shades of a Panther is all about African centered Egyptology from a modernized perspective. The great CATS came from Ra ( Rh) himself.What this means is, Ra (Rh) took many forms such as:

1. Mau:  ( the Male ) form of a fiery Cat Ra formed into to overcome his enemy the snake serpent Apep. This was a cat of fire and it was very personification of Ra himself. 

2. Bastet : ( Female or Male) Cat form that was not only a protection but also a healer. The block buster  film Black Panther shows Bastet coming to the Shaman Bashenga in the movie and giving him power to become the first Black Panther. 

 3. Sekmet: She is the Pantheon was seen as a lioness of violence. She was a protector of Ma'at ( daughter of Ra) and when the laws were broken she would come with swift justice through hard core violence. In the book series Shades of Memnon by Brother G ( Gregory Walker) he reveals in his books that Sekmet is forged into 2 swords of Mem na un ( Memnon's son) and when it fights,  it screams like a cat. 

 4. Mafdet: She predates Sekmet, and Bastet. She was a shape shifter and could form into a Cat or Panther. She was in fact the very one who would go out and return the one who broke laws back to the Pharaoh himself. It was Mafdet who opened the doors for Sekmet, Bastet, and even Maahes ( also known as Apendak ). 

5. Balaam: The great Cat of Northe America was seen in the Shades of Memnon book #3 as the 'Great Cat'. This unique cat assisted Mem na un and Memnon in a number of adventures. In addition, this cat was called 'the great Panther of North America. 

6. Mem na un: In all 3 book series of the Shades of Memnon, the son was called 'Young Panther' given to him by his enemy Khoansa. In the first book, he was trained in the arts of war by his mother's bodyguard. After being captured by Khoansa, he was called 'Young Panther' because of his ability to fight of his guards. He has already possesses the skills of a panther. 
* Note: Our study cannot be reproduced without the owner of this site permission. The focus of SDRI is to reveal African centered history through study and the physical arts. We have taken a lot of time to research and to connect the dots of these truths above. This history means a lot to SDR and those who are taught the in depth  history of Africanism. 

We will continue to add on more information about The Shades of a Panther. More to come...…………..

Copy right 2018. By Teanis C. Tillmon 

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edubirdie discount on Thursday, July 12, 2018 9:09 AM
People who are sincere they have fear in their mind. People can learn something by fear about anything happening in their life. Fear is not good for any person. Fear can destroy the life of others. People cannot take good steps in their life due to fear.
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