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W.A.S.E.T I Warrior(s) of the Nile Valley

          W.A.S.E.T - Warrior( s) of the Nile Valley 

Water Air and Street Elite Tacticians or ( WASET )  were the great warriors of the Nike Valley. There were at least 3 main groups of warriors who had protected the most sacred place in Egypt. The 3 main categories were: 

1. The Ahawhty ( Egyptian ) military who served in the armed forces. They were tough and loyal to the King of Egypt. 

2. The Medjay: They were eastern Kushites who were hired as palace guards, security .

Montw I Warrior of Vengeance

                                              Montw I Warrior of Vengeance

Who is Montw? In ancient Egypt Mythology, Montw was the war diety who protected the kings of Egypt in War .Montw spelled ( Mntw ) could form himself into a solar bird such as Horus ( Heru) or the Buchis Bull ( Ka). The kings considered themselves to be the sons of Montw. 

 Montw could form himself into fire and burn his enemies.

Pan Kau Rau Shen: The Egyptian Self-Defense System

Pan Kau Rau Shen ( P-n Kh Rh Shn) is a Egyptian ' Kemetic African' self-defense system used in the ancient times. The term used is ' all powers that encompasses Ra ( the sun disk) or ' Defeating Your Enemies with the Force of Ra. In the Shades of Memnon book series written by Gregory Walker the Kushites who used Pan Kau Rau Shen were in fact the ' Elite Warrior' of Kush. These warriors were very ferocious in their skills in combat. 

Who were these ferocious warriors?

Counter Assault Tools for Active Assailants (C.A.T)

                                              Counter Assault Tools for Active Assailants

Counter Assault Tools for Active Assailants is a concept that uses levels of force technology for active threats. MONTW ( Mntw) is the African war deity of ancient Egypt. Pharaohs who went to war such as Thutmosis the III, Ramses II ( User Mast Ra Setepen Ra Ramessu Mast Merit Amen) , Amenhotep II, and Amenhotep III the claim their war victories through.