Counter Assault Tools for Active Assailants (C.A.T)
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Counter Assault Tools for Active Assailants (C.A.T)

                                              Counter Assault Tools for Active Assailants

Counter Assault Tools for Active Assailants is a concept that uses levels of force technology for active threats. MONTW ( Mntw) is the African war deity of ancient Egypt. Pharaohs who went to war such as Thutmosis the III, Ramses II ( User Mast Ra Setepen Ra Ramessu Mast Merit Amen) , Amenhotep II, and Amenhotep III the claim their war victories through.

The Pharaohs stated that Montw was not only a brave warrior but, he was the master of weapons: Bow and Arrows, Swords .Staff Sekhem, Axes, etc. In modern times , SDR uses uses weapons as tools to engage active threats. Weapons ( technology) has evolved but, the purpose for using them is the same. Your enemy can engage you in with armed ( weapons) or unarmed ( empty hand) combat. Either way, no fight is fair and one must be ready for any situation. 

C.A.T trains in less and lethal weapons such as: swords, sticks, knives, and bow arrow. Modern weapons : Pepper Spray ( forms such ad Pepper Blast) , Tactical Baton, Knives, and Fire arms ( hand guns). Our goal is is to neutralize threats from the lowest level before it escalates to a higher level. SDR specializes in less lethal technology because, it has been proven to be successful in most  real street survival situations. We use some of the best products available. 

 1. Pepper Spray: SDR uses the best products available for personal safety. We have looked into formulas that can stop attackers in their tracks. What makes MONTW unique? Practical tips and tactics that work in the " right now" situation. 

 2. Pepper Blast: This unique tool uses a quick charge and a powerful dose of Pepper toward an attacker. Pepper Blast was created by Lamperd Less Lethal as an Less Lethal option to use in an active shooter situation. A distraction of noise, light, and pepper is really effective engaging an enemy. 

 3. Flash Lights. An ancient concept used for thousands of years put into a 21st century world. Light has always served as a tool to light up the darkness or distract and enemy from attacking you. These tools as Aldo been improvised as a short baton or striking tool to an active threat. One tool we use is the GR - 8 Defense Light. This tool has a peeper spray, flash light, and baton all in one. 

 4. Knowledge of the Knife: One of the most widely used tools in human history I'd, the blade. Out goal is to reveal information on how to survive a knife attack. Knife combat is just apart of survival. But, what if you do not javer one? We at SDR teach the " two bladed training way. To be properly informed of edged weapons is. Knowledge of the Knife. 

5. Hand gun tactics: Our system does not directly just teach fitre arm safety but how to effectively use them in close quarter battle. In modern times, fire arms is the choice or tool used in many many threat level situations. Learning the " do: s and don't s " is the key to survivving situations. It's what you do not know that van hurt you. 

 Pan Ksu Rau Shen " Total Combat" Tools for Active Assailants is the term to defeat your enemies using tactical weapons. This was the way of  Egypt ( Kemet). The warrior Pharaohs held him in very high regard when it came to ethics and engaging enemies. Now ad it was then, the Egyptian Warrior ( Modern) believes this same philosophy. Learn. Grow and Prosper.