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 Teanis Tillmon: Pan Kau Rau Shen Pioneer and MMA ( Modern Mixed Montu Arts ) Reviving Warrior Skills for Street Survival

 Pan Kau Rau Shen ' Kemetic for ancient Egyptian ' ' is a  Modern Montu (Martial ) art of self defense that is neither style or method. It is a system with no certain type of technique on its own. Nor does it favor "any one way or another " but, flexible and borrows from a  select group of combat sources to establish an end. The goal is to preserve a legacy that goes back 5,500 years

Welcome to Street Defense Research Institute (SDRI), the center with expertise in studying ancient Egypt on the combat arts. We teach the authenticity of Pan Kau Rau Shen that was effective for its applications on the battlefield. Our purpose and priority is to deliver the most effective forms of  training in preparing a person with the necessary skills to properly handle a confrontation. 

Our system allows all who are taught at SDR to develop the unification of a warrior mind, fighting skills, and weapon abilities simultaneously in order for one to be ready in a vary of encounters. Our mission is to provide a 21st century understanding of how the ancient Egyptians  applied personal defense to urban problems and how we can use them today.


                                      SURVIVAL THROUGH WISDOM 

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