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Our symbol: Street Defense Research focuses on the how to apply ancient concepts of combat for the 21st century. SDRI takes a look into the city of Thebes, Egypt ( as known as the Waset of Kemet ) on military history, tactics personal growth and mindset development, combat, use of force, weapons and battlefield tactics . It is then merged with modern day street tactics and technology. The 3 T's is the Nile valley.

Overview: The word Egypt comes from the original word Aegyptus or Aegyptia ( Origins of Het Ka Ptah) or the house of Ptah (Memphis). Later the word  came from Kamit ( Kemet or Km 'Black' and T ( Ta for Land). The modern word for Egypt translate ' Black Land of Africa'.. Our logo symbol represents Kamit ( Kemet ). 

>  The Fin : The Crocodile Fin of the Nile Valley aka ( The Hapy River).  It also represents life, energy, and strength ( Power). 

> The Owl : The Protector of the two Lands ( Upper and Lower ) Egypt. It is the only bird that can fly day or night.  The Egyptian letter for the Owl is " M " .  This is also the first letter name of the fierce warrior Montw or ( Mntw or Mtjw) that gives the sound  MN N THW

> The Mound. Has a representation as the fertile land " food" or the mound seat of Amen. The holy place that the Egyptians and Ethiopians came together and worshipped at the same place. It was known as the sacred place or the seat of Amen ( Hidden One).

> The X : Literally means the Land or country between Upper and Lower Egypt. This also means across the great Nile ( Over 3 Miles across ) to the other side.  

Teanis Tillmon is extensive knowledge in the areas of combat arts. He is a researcher in the areas of ancient and modern military combat arts, certified instructor in Fox Labs Instructor, a Less Than Lethal Instructor for Lamperd Less Lethal ( Pepper Blast) for active threat situations. 

 Mr Tilllmon bio : 

 > Researcher on Egyptology in the areas of : Military history, Hand to Hand Combat on the Pan Kau Rau Shen (Total Combat) , and Weapons. 

>  Fox Labs Pepper Spray Instructor ( Less Lethal Defense Sprays )  under EJC Security Services for security and police at EJC SSI

 > GR8 3-1  Baton system: Instructor - Trainer ( Defense Light for police or citizens )

 > Monadnock PR 24 Tactical Baton Instructor 

 > Delta Instructor Trainer on the use of Pepper Spray (Chemical Agents) for Instructors Certification # PPO 11845 by the Bureau of Security & Investigation Services Guidelines in Conjunction with P.O.S.T (Peace Officer Standards and Training) 

> Pepper Blast Instructor from Lamperd Less Lethal in Canada under EJC Security Services 

> NRA ( National Rife Association ) Pistol Instructor and Range Safety officer. 

> Received several certificates from Security companies All on Private  Security  Use of Force and Weapon Tactics.

As a former police officer, born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a self defense researcher with over 30 years of investigations, police tactics, security, corrections, and other law enforcement experiences.

Mr. Tillmon has been pioneering studies on Kemetology ( Ancient Egyptian studies) in areas of ( Personal Development , Warfare, Weapons, Combatives, and Tactics) for self defense. and safety He is the founder of Street Defense Research Institute in Plano,Texas.

His training in the many areas of the Martial Arts, such as Wing Chun, Kempo Goju karate, Hung Gar Kung Fu, wrestling, self-defense, and law enforcement, gives him insight into the art of Pan Kau Rau Shen and combat from a unique perspective, in areas such as conflict and risk reduction, personal growth and development, and the use of pepper spray and batons.The Institute was established as a result of his extensive research of military combat skills and personal safety systems.



The Tet Pan Kau Rau Shnen of Today: SDR researches Kemetic combatives from Nubia to Kemt (Egypt) or know as the Nile valley. Pan Kau Rau Shen (Pankration) from all the study from understanding Africa roots from Egypt or ( Het Ka Ptah). The truth is, after looking at all the evidence the system is African and was formed from the Nile Valley .


I looked into the history of Africa and found my long lost search with validation. First,I looked up every scripture I could find on warfare, combat, wrestling, etc. After comparing all of what I had learned to the bible, reading of books, research from Egypt (NE) Africa, the writing on the tombs of the pyramids it was a match and Pankration (Pan Kau Ra Shen) was born.


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