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Made for The Elite Guard of the  Neswt Bity ( Pharoah of The Two Lands ).  It is a One Mind Total Weapon System. 

Roots:  So Pan Kau Ra Shen is the actual original Mixed Montw ' Martial'  Art and the Kushites are the forefathers of MMA.


What is Pan Kau Rau Shen? Pan Kau Rau Shen is the Original mixed "Kemetic" Montu art of ' Kemet' ancient Egypt. Pan Kau Rau Shen is an Egyptian or “Kemetic”  term for ( All Strength  and Powers of Total Combat . Its modern term used now is Total Fighting ) is unified  self - defense system that was used by the Egyptian military, Keftuans, and Medjay warriors to overcome their enemies on the battlefield. The term used by the ancients was were to " Defeat Your Enemies with the Strength  or Power s of Ra ".  Its principles and concepts are still effective and relevant to this present day.

Pan Kau Rau Shen is a Montw ( Martial) art. Monthw ( Mtnjw) was the Lord ( war god )of Kemet ( Egypt). The term Montw ( Menthu ' w' , Montu, Monto, Mentu, etc.) means Becoming One  or ' One who becomes Powerful was skilled in all forms of combat and war skills , masculinity,  virility , and the use of Weapons. He was the protector of Egypt .   He ( Mntjw) was a master of weapons who could use hand to hand combat, a baton, knife, sword, or bow and arrows. There are many pictures of him carrying weapons.

On the battlefield of Kadesh, Ramses the great or ( Ursaa Satepen Ra Ramsseu Maat Merit Amen) was said to have seen the enemy and raged like Montu Lord of Thebes. In the 18th dynasty other warrior Pharaohs like Thutmosis the III ( Napoleon of Egypt) is described as " A valiant warrior of Montu". It was written that Amenhotep the the II had appeared in his chariot like Montu with his power, he reached for his bow and grabbed four arrows with one hand".

The history of Pan Kau Rau Shen traces all the way back to the Kushites (Sudan and Kenya, and Ethiopia) that stretched from Nubia to the southern part of Kemet ( Egypt). This hand to hand and weapon system was a combination of conditioning, wrestling, free-fighting, , the use of weapons, and battlefield tactics. There are many references of the Greeks who borrowed many concepts from the Egyptians and used them for war and their sports known as Pankration.

Techniques: Kemetic ( ancient Egyptian ) 

Original and Historical Pan Kau Rau Shen

Pan Kau Rau Shen is Kametic means " defeating your enemies with the force of RA". A Kushite Martial art. A form of it survives in Greece to this day called Pankration. The Kushite system uses a 'blend' or mixture of striking ( boxing,  throws, grappling , and kicking) , ground wrestling ( grappling, choke holds, locks, sweeps, and throws that includes take downs with ground fighting  ) and weapons. 


Definition: Pan Kau Rau Shen, is a term ( name in English ) that means all compassing Kemetic arts. It is linguistic in nature. This means it is a description for the arts ( combat expression of ancient Egypt. This is in the forms of: Boxing, wrestling, stick, knife fighting, bow and chariot. The Shizen or Ainu are known for their martial arts: wrestling and archery, especially. The Ainu of the Upper Nile were famous for boxing, wrestling, stick fighting and archery.

( Reference to Pan Kau Rau Shen lineage by of The Nile Valley ) 

These martial arts today are referred to as Pankration (Greek marital sports) or Pankrashan. The Pan Kau Ra Shen (all encompassing spirit force of Ra) was developed along the Nile Valley, probably in ancient Nubia. The Nubians were famous for boxing, wrestling, stick fighting and archery. The Greeks learned these skills from the ancient Egyptian and Nubian warriors. They refined these skills through martial sports called Pankrashan, which is Pan Kau Ra/Rau Shen - all encompassing spirit force of Ra . Alice Linsley JUST GENESIS through the lens of Anthropology.



Life truly is a Special Operation,  are you ready for it? Warriors are not born ; they are made. Training, adversity,  and success of overcoming obstacles on the Battlefield creates warriors. It starts in the mind and what one is willing to do in order to accomplish any goal. 


Traced back to the ancient Kushite (Ethiopian) martial art of Pan Kau Ra Shen ( Fighting with the Spirit of Ra -The Egyptian god) this is where Pankration comes from. To utilize your body fully as a weapon,take advantage of your bodily full attributes and full range of motion. Also, to use what works, be it orthodox or

(armed unorthodox). The word Pan Kau Rau Shen is "Kamitic". means from the root word Egypt ( European) or AEygptos from the Agean (Greek) meaning Black Land or Land of The Black People. Pan means " All" Kau " Spiritual" Rau " Powers and Shen " Encompassing". The origination appears to have come from the Keftui people of the Nile.


Pan Kau Rau Shen: The military history. Pan Kau Rau Shen is kemetic literally meaning, ' All Spiritual Powers Encompassing' or in battle terms. 'Defeating Your Enemies with The Force of RA - combat'. Kemetic words were actually linguistic meaning broken up words to describe or communicate information. Boxing, wrestling, weapons, and fitness was the arsenal for a well trained warrior. The city of 'Thebes' or Waset was well protected city. Egypt was well known for its fighting prowess.

Pan Kau Rau Shen is a system of that applies principles to a confrontational problem and uses practical solutions to survival situations. Thebes ( Waset or Wose) was the largest city in the world. It was said to have a 100 gates and over 80,000 people. The police, military, and security was there to keep law and order. But most important, urban violence was just as real then as it is today. SDR studies not only the psycho -spiritual aspects of fighting but, what made the ancient Egyptians ethical in times of war and peace.

Montw ' Powerful'  core Stand up or Ground Fighting Methods 

3H3 R Hw ( Ahaa R Herw ) or  Stand up Combat: 

> Blocking: re-directing or repelling blows from frontal attack. Spontaneous Defense Response uses applies a vary of deflecting, stop hits, and parrying to situations. The sucker punch science is viewed as ACTIVE pre-emptive attack. To be prepared for these types of encounters is key to reduces injury by mental ability to control aggression.

> Strikes: Tactical limb destruction focuses on attacking vital areas of the body. Such as soft areas, eyes, etc.The goal is to use the bone to strike again some soft boney part to create pain. Pan Kau Rau Shen uses a vary of human weapons of strikes in combinations.

> Grappling: Sets up the opponent to take to the ground. Shoulder, wrist, and joint locks pins, and chokes on the ground. The goal is to defuse the situation before it escalastes and this followed up by take downs or throws, taking full advantage of the opponent off balance and reducing the threat to the ground.

 Stw 3H3 ( Satew Aha ) or  Ground Combat:

> Ground mounts: Strategic positioning while on the ground. The objective is learning how not to panic. Corrective positioning to put oneself into a area to counter attack. This may be in striking or tactical maneuvering to be on the top mount to ground and pound, etc.

> Pinning Positions: Holding the opponent by applying pressure and to use blunt force trauma or pressure locks to control the subject. Kneeing the threat on side of the rib area, chest, or back immobilizes the subject for direct attacks (pressure points, eye gouge, etc.

> Ground Fighting: Being on the ground does not mean one stays there. The ability to be comfortable and knowing the body in battle mode is the key. Not worrying or fearing that one is in a vunerable position. Parrying, striking, locking, or chokes can be applied in a lower area to the ground and create a widow to get back up one one's feet 

Monthw CQB ' Close Quarter Battle 

' Weapons for Armed Assailants '

Tactical Use of Weapons for Active Assailants. Long before the word ' Martial ' art was on the scene , it was called the Montw ( Montu ) arts. It was the combination of battlefield tactics, weapons, and hand to hand skills to overcome the enemy. Each soldier was trained in a variety of weapons such as the spear, knife, vows and arrows, slings, maces, and how to ride a chariot if need be.

Pan Kau Rau Shen is Kemetic ( Egyptian) that means " Total Combat" or defeating your enemy with arms. In ancient Egypt, Ramses ( Ursuaa Stepen Ra Ramessu Maat Meri Amen ) used four main divisions in battle. One of them Being Ra ( P' re or many armed). This group was known as the Nakhtu-aa ' strong armed men' who were the roughest and toughest shock troops of the Pharaoh. They carried broad head spears, short axes, small bronze heads, and short - topped wooden shields. 

The Egyptians also had the Kenyt-nesw ( Knt-Nsw )- or Kings brave Aka ' Rangers ' who were the appeared to have been the Egyptian equivalent to the US Army Rangers, elite special operations units of heavy infantry were used to over coming difficult positions. They were the spear tip of the forces there are outstanding scenes from the tombs of the princes of the Antelope District in Middle Egypt (in Bani Hassan). In the tomb of wrestling is painted across the east wall.

Pan Kau Rau Shen I Tactical Use of Weapons aka Tools : 

From the ancients to the modern world

This concept uses a name of the war deity of Kemet ( Egypt) who the Egyptian Kings took to war such as : Ramses The Great, Thutmosis the III, and Amenhotep the II. They used the most effective and high technological weapons of their day. In the 21 st century, weapons has evolved into 3 main areas: Non Lethal, Less than Lethal, and Lethal force. SDR studies such tools for today's urban battle field. We focus on using Non and Less Lethal Weapons to neutralize escalating threats. Weapons has evolved but, the goal stays the same: de- escalate the threat and save lives. What makes our times unique is, there is always options.

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