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 Traced back to the ancient Kushites ( Egyptians ) Pan Kau Rau Shen or ' pn kh rh shn' or known today as Pankration or ( All Powers) is a combat system that utilizes ones body fully as a weapon, and taking advantage of the bodily attributes and full range of motion. Also, to use what ever works be it orthodox or even in un orthodox. Today, it is a street survival system for the Western world that any one can learn quickly and apply effectively. 

SDR I  Reality Based Combat for the Battlefield 


Pan Kau Rau Shen is a Reality Based Egyptian Military Hand to Hand  Montw " Martial" art system that was used by the Army Kenyt Nesw ( Spec -Ops or the  King's Brave ) the Guardsmen ( Security ), And the Medjay or ( Para - Military ) Police. 

The root word for " Egypt " is Kemet. This is where Chemistry comes from and the term  Reality  Based Combat refers to " Take Action as it happens". 

 Each  up Seminar addresses how to  neutralize an opponent  while standing up,  on the ground, or with Weapons. 

Seminar 1 : Efficient  Defenses  for The Fight

How does one reduce risk of being a victim of crime? By developing a strong mind in making very wise decisions concerning safety. In ancient Egypt, soldiers were very well trained in developing a mental fortitude to overcome their enemies. Today, we use their basic tools and tactics for adverse situations.

Seminar 2 : Strategic Grapping and Ground Fighting  

Egyptians believed that self - defense needed to be practical and very effective. Our system teaches one how to use strategy , fluid,  and harmonious methods for the street. This seminar reveal real truths on over coming an opponent by using simplistic empty hand control from the ancients.

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Seminar 3 : Tactical Use of  Weapons  

In many types of situations one may find him or herself up against another who could be armed with different types of weapons. It is what you don't know that can hurt you. Mr. Tillmon is trained in a variety of ( less lethal/ lethal ) technology . Our goal is to show you how to protect yourself in very dangerous situations.​

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Special Note- Disclaimer:

 Pan Kau Ra Shen ( Pn Kh Rh Shen Kamtic in English translate  - all powers  ) is a 21st century modern variation of the original Montw ( all powers ) that includes reality based tactical and strategic tools to help develop self confidence for threat levels of conflicts. This is a system that focuses on using psychological preparedness and reflex response that is effective to for sudden encounter for modern street survial.

SDR I Reality Based Combat t for the Battlefield l is the anatomy  or science of universal laws and principles for the street. Historically, the Kemetic or ( ancient Egyptian ) combat arts is a behaviorally studied system  on the methods of fighting , conflict resolution, crsis intervention , and weapon skills are included  in these seminars . The purpose of ( SDR ) is to apply ancient concepts with real in close methods of training to neutralize almost any physical threats of violence.  

SDR overall objective is to re-build the ancient Kushite tradition of Kamit ( Egypt )  for modern is a modernized fighting  system that uses REAL WORLD efficient and practical tools. It is not the original system of the All Powers Kamitic Pan Kau Rau Shen because, it does not include: historical applications, conditioning, traditional techniques, rituals, and methodology drills for defenses. Like most real-world situations, easy to use concepts is needed to a highly stressed threat level encounters. Modern technology such as : O W. L ( Option Weapon Light ) system, edged weapons, etc are included. What makes this so unique and different is its applications of easy to use principles are effective in neutralizing threats.

 TET ( Preservation of Balance, Firmness, and Stability of All Powers )  Pan Kau Rau Shen is a traditional Montw art for STUDENTS ONLY that covers topics such as: The history of Kemet ( Egypt) and the city o Waset ( W3ST) known to many as Thebes today. We combine ancient concepts of fighting and fill in the blue print with modernized  techniques of combat. This unique system also covers the historical writings called the Medw Neter ( the Nature ) of the art. Weapons and ranking levels from the ancients are also included in the formal study of the system. Ethics, morality,  and combat is what made the original Egyptians ( Kamitics ) legendary. 

There are some considerations given regarding legal context: such as a legitimate use of force to self defense situations or consequences to the use of legal defense tactics, etc. The primary belief is that overall combat is to efficiently and effectively neutralize threat levels for the average person.

The primary goal is, to give tactics to unarmed individuals to fully prepare to defend themselves for street violence. One is trained to attack the most critical targets at the first sign of a potential assault and to safely escape once the threat is resolved.

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