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BYOEG was created from research and Real-World situations on the streets. It's not theoretical based on ideas. It's formed out of situations that police, security and corrections encountered in violent situations. We are our own first responders. No one is coming to save you, save yourself. 

  Be Your Own Elite Guard   
[Citizen safety Program]
 The concept of our system uses one's body as a weapon, taking advantage of the attributes and full range of motion. Also, use whatever be it orthodox or unorthodox to Battle. Each course is broken down into 3 areas on how to quickly neutralize any opponent standing up or the ground.

Seminar 1: Directional Awareness: The Threat De-Escalation [Sphere] Model 

When faced with a physical confrontation, how can you make better decisions and overcome adversity?  Our unique course focuses on unique mindset development and personal growth concepts from the Ancients to modern times. 

Seminar​ 2: Combat Essentials for Subject Control [Fight Science}

Egyptians believed that self - defense should be very effective. Our system teaches one how to use effective strategies for the street. This course reveal real truths on simplistic empty hand control from the ancients.

Seminar 3 : CQB (Close Quarter Battle) Weapon tactics for Real-World Survival 

In many types of situations one may find him or herself up against another who could be armed with different types of weapons. Our goal is to show you how to protect yourself in armed confrontations.  


BYOEG (Be Your Own Elite Guard) concept does not replace any of the original art teachings of the ancient Egyptian concepts of Pan Kau Rau Shen. But each course as mentioned above give one an overview of the actual combat used for assailant threat. The focus of these very unique courses gives insight into the science of the psychology, physiology, and behavior mentality to neutralize an attacker.


NU PAN KAU RAU SHEN:  (New All-Strength and Powers) is a science that uses character development, combat drills, Metu Netcher teachings, Use of Force and all -Powers combatives to effectively neutralize threats. It is a very formidable militaristic robust fighting system uses by the army Special forces of the Pharoah in the 19th dynasty. It was brutal, effective, efficient, and very lethal that encompassed a full combination of hand to hand and the use of weapons. 


Our course considerations are given regarding legal context: such as the legitimate use of force to self-defense situations, etc. The primary belief is that overall combat is to efficiently and effectively neutralize threat at any level for the average person.

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